ICO is gameover.

Message from Stefano Virgilli, CEO at VOX.sg

There are 5,298 active ICOs on the platform according to ICO Bench report. Cryptocurrencies are dying all over the world. While there are many platforms surviving and thriving, a report issued in July of 2018 found that more than 800 of those are essentially dead and no longer able to function at the capacity that they strived for not long ago.

Right now, less than 4% of all ICOs are successful or seem to have a future.

It did not work that way, and now, what is next? What will happen to all those who invested heavily in ICO, pumping their own money, sometimes invest their life savings into cryptocurrencies and observing them collapsing?

The reality is that 80 percent of the ICOs were frauds, and 10 percent lacked substance and failed shortly after raising money. Most of the remaining 10 percent may likely suffer the same fate as well.

At a recent virtual live interview which took place at a crypto event in Japan discussing block chain business and technology, CEO of VOX Stefano Virgilli, shares his views on the current state of Initial Coin Offering (ICO) and its regulations, as well as the new wave of Security Token Offering (STO) trend.

CoinChoice published an article covering the current state of Singapore’s crypto culture and upcoming trends of 2019. It features serial entrepreneur and CEO of VOX, Stefano Virgilli, who shares about the state of ICO. He also discusses about STO (Security Token Offering) and NTUT (Non-Tradable-Utility-Token).

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A 2018 throwback video featuring CEO of VOX, Stefano Virgilli, who shares about Singapore's multi-cultural society and as a hotbed for business and the blockchain industry in recent years.

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