Your Life, Your Content, Your Rewards!

Yuser is the first gamified social network that empowers you to share rewards for original content.

Yuser empowers you to be who you want to be online. The Yuser APP is where you discover your true passion, collect rewards, and grow a large following. As your reputation increases, you gain prominence on the network. Gift your friends as easily as you’d give a like. Complete custom challenges to gain more prominence on the network. Grow an engaged fan base while earning rewards. Get sponsored by brands and monetize your own account.

CEO of VOX, Stefano Virgilli is proud to be appointed the role as Chief Gamifications Officer on Yuser's core team.

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Technologies for Financial Inclusion.

VOX is proud to be working closely with Pocket Money from branding, and marketing to our full suite of C-level services, aiming to propel this project forward in the next few years.

Pocket Money is a Singapore registered business, which aims to bring innovation to the Lending Industry by creating a global marketplace for lenders and borrowers.

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Singapore's forefront Battery Tech, Power & Design

LiRON is a Singapore based company focusing on Lithium-Ion batteries (LIB) Research & Development (R&D) and manufacturing.

Batteries developed and produced by LiRON focuses on high cycle life, fast charging, higher discharge current and good safety performance that also works well at low temperature and with high temperature tolerance.

NextGen Blockchain for Programmable P2P Finance

Aerum's mission is to provide a complete and ready to use practical infrastructure for building and using dApps, while having fast and free transactions to end-users, high throughput, and on-demand scalability. It aims to provide a full-service platform to launch dApps, marketplaces, social networks, games, and prediction markets through its unique offering.

LivePod is the new innovatve platform to monetize your creative talent safely.

LivePod's solution would allow video creators/broadcasters and video chat providers a better incentive to concentrate on making higher quality content. It provides a complete solution for those who provide, or stream video contents and video chats.

An Alternative Digital Future

Blue Chip Vision (BCV) Holdings is a software company producing and licensing a digital ecology of technology to support blockchain systems and platforms.

BCV’s ecology provides businesses and individuals a secure, trustable and smooth path from where they are today to a more powerful, flexible and secure future of financial growth.

Cruise. Lifestyle. Blockchain.

Eternity Star Holdings is a hospitality and investment holdings company that spearheads exclusive lifestyle experiences within the Greater Mekong Subregion. Eternity Star Holdings believes in creating strategic opportunities, powered by dynamic partnerships and cutting-edge technology, that redefine travel and create immersive experiences.

Mobility. Empowering to share rides & energy.

EVShare’s team has more than a decade of experience developing vehicles – they are now going to the blockchain.

They provide self-driving electric transit systems powered by clean, renewable energy. They have combined the best team and partners to create a unified solution to transportation and energy that makes solar-powered mass transit possible.

Connecting Urban Mobility on Blockchain

VeloxChain is an open-source, scalable blockchain infrastructure designed to connect urban mobility initiatied by Smart Urban Technologies Pte Ltd. VeloxChain aims to decentralise and democratise the sharing mobility market by promoting the notion of decentralised collaboration. We believe that blockchain opens a new extent of collaboration and cooperation between merchants.

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A Community-Powered Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem

SPOKKZ intends to create a crowd funding platform that will allow Spuul’s ever growing user base to select and fund streaming content projects. SPUUL is the most popular streaming service for Indian movies & TV shows online, where sign up is free and available on web, mobile and Facebook.

VOX is assisting Spokkz with global investor relations services. For more information about our fundraising packages, visit
OpenPort ICO logistic blockchain

Business Logistics on Blockchain

OpenPort is trucking solutions for every supply chain. It allows any organization to easily transfer physical goods with an irrefutable digital record of events.

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The Art and Science of Wealth

Synergy Quantum will empower more people to achieve financial freedom with the means to preserve and grow their wealth. There are more millionaires than ever before, minted at a higher rate than ever before. Our purpose is to empower the "entry level" wealthy with top-tier Swiss wealth management, placing them on an even playing field with the Ultra-High-Net-Worth.

VOX is supporting the team at Synergy Quantum through their ICO, from branding, white paper, to investor relations services.

Being Immortal isn’t a Dream

With the EverLife.AI network, you get to preserve your legacy on the blockchain with your very own AI Avatar that you can create on EverLife network. Your immutable avatar on EverLife network learns by interacting with you and acquires skills to do tasks and earn for you and your loved ones. The self-replicating distributed p2p EverLife network ensures that even if you lose access to your AI Avatar host system or it’s no longer recoverable, your immutable Avatar can be respawned on a new machine and the knowledge and memories that was stored by you come back to you from the network. Imagine the possibilities with EverLife.AI!

The Most Advanced & Safe Cryptocurency Exchange in the World

BISTOX is an advanced semi-centralized cryptocurrency exchange for traders with different level of knowledge. BISTOX technology improves the trading experience, with an incredibly fast order matching engine and high-end features with the world’s most innovative private blockchain as a main structure chain. BISTOX utilises D.A.N.N.I (Deep-learning, Artificial, Neural Network Intelligence), a virtual assistant that will enhance the user experience like never before. With BISTOX, reliability in exchange, speed and security are ensured.

VOX is happy to provide Bistox a platform to a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 26 July 2018.

Take Control and Protect your Data

Exochain is a mission critical blockchain allowing you to take control and protect your data. Exochain gives you secure handling of identifying data when it is mission critical. Exochain utilises patent-pending technology, such as Odentity™️, which delivers the new standard for scoring identity and the highest standard for secure custody and care of critical data, for the world’s toughest use cases. Exochain protects data, and the people and organizations that contribute and use it. They mitigate risk with baked-in legal and regulatory frameworks that ensure compliance so you don’t have to.

ExoChain presented a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event, organized by VOX, on 26 July 2018.

Take Back Control of your Data

Truth Data Cloud is the personal data revolution platform, built on blockchain. By 2025, their vision is to give 2 billion young people the opportunity to monetize their data by creating a self sovereign digital data marketplace and protocol, TRU Tokens reward consumers for their GDPR compliant permissioned browsing and intention data and TDC licenses this anonymized data to advertisers, brands and developers for TRU. The Truth ecosystem vision is to become an operating ecosystem for third party businesses to build out the next generation of technology, applications and services in the permissioned data space.

The Licensing of Everything

The distribution of electronic content in the Aggregion platform. Using blockchain technology, the Aggregion platform provides intellectual property licensing and right governance. Some of the world’s top copyright holders have become Aggregion’s client and partners: Disney, Pearson, Microsoft, Samsung, Intel, Klett, Cornelsen, Softline, and more.

VOX assisted Aggregion to a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 19 July 2018, as well as global fundraising and investor relation services.

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Energy Efficiency, Reinvented

Efforce is a revolution in energy efficiency, turning energy savings into a shareable asset. Efforce is the first platform that allows contributors to profit from the energy savings generated by energy efficiency projects worldwide, through blockchain based platform. They allow every Contributor to be part of an ESCo that obtains energy savings, which they can use for themselves or can sell to those who need to reduce their energy bill.

One cryptocurrency platform to rule them all

One cryptocurrency platform to rule them all

Hoard is a design-driven blockchain-based fintech company that seeks to dramatically improve decentralized financial services and the cryptocurrency experience. The team at Hoard believes crypto-tech should be seamless, frictionless, and affordable. Our team has set out to develop a platform and supporting mobile applications to simplify the complexities of cryptocurrency. At Hoard We aim to tear down barriers of entry and minimize steep learning curves, so everyone everywhere can take part in this brave new world.

We facilitated in connecting Hoard to a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 22 June 2018.

The cryptocurrency platform that serves your needs

The cryptocurrency platform that serves your needs

The ODIN platform aims to gather information on cryptocurrencies and ICOs around the world, enabling both investors and users to obtain information on cryptocurrency and ICO from around the world and purchases for themselves. They also offer mobile and web applications to facilitate this process.

We facilitated in connecting Odin Coin to a successful pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 22 June 2018.

The 1st collaborative social media dedicated to local businesses

The 1st collaborative social media dedicated to local businesses

Building the FlipNpik Ecosystem. FlipNpik is the first Collaborative Social Media for local businesses operating in an Ecosystem based on the Blockchain technology, in which the value generated is distributed in an equitable and decentralized manner among all active collaborators. The primary mission of FlipNpik is to contribute to the improvement of the local economy and to promote the circuits of local and responsible consumption.

VOX facilitated in connecting FlipNpik to a ICO pitch at the Beers&Pitch event on 22 June 2018, in Singapore.

The world’s 1st decentralized global real estate platform

The world’s 1st decentralized global real estate platform

Cashback for your property purchase. DirectHome Global is a decentralized, crowdsourced and transactional platform that provides the complete real estate database globally and facilitates property transactions between all existing stakeholders (home owners, seekers, agents, developers) in an efficient ecosystem via the Ethereum blockchain with smart contract implementation within the tokenomics infrastructure. It is a platform that offers cashback and rewards contributors.

VOX is supporting DirectHome with Investor Relations services.

Top 2 in ICO Global Rating for Decentralized Asset Management

Top 2 in ICO Global Rating for Decentralized Asset Management

With growing interest and attention of a large number of people towards the cryptocurrency world, ZiChain takes a leading role in creating a cryptocurrency asset management industry for private and institutional investors, combining best practices of traditional financial world with innovative technologies.

Join Well healthcare token

Global blockchain protocol designed for healthcare

An exciting day at VOX. We are proudly announcing our 4th customer. This is one of the most interesting healthcare projects in the world: WELL.

From the vision of Ildar Fazulyanov, a serial entrepreneur with over 20 years of experience in healthcare, fintech and venture capital, WELL tackles one of the most important problems in humanity., a revolution based on Gem4Me platform

5 million users for your Virtual Shop

Marketspace is one of the hottest ICOs in the market at the moment. Based on the tremendous success of Gem4Me - a revolutionary communication platform that has attracted more than 5 million users golobally - Marketspace is planning to bring to the market seamless integration for payment and financial tools.

VOX' CEO has gladly accepted the role of Chief Strategy Officer and Asian Market Advisor for this promising ICO.

Chainstack ICO Singapore

The ultimate blockchain control panel for business

The business blockchain platform that is missing. The one able to emulate what AWS has done to hosting, but this time applied to blockchain technology.

VOX is supporting ChainStack by contributing to:

  • Tokenomics
  • Whitepaper

For more information about Chainstack visit the website:

Invictus Making Blockchain Real for Business

Making blockchain real for business

The ambitious Singapore based project want to make blockchain real for business by solving SME's cashflow chronical problem.

We are happy to support Invictus almost from A to Z:

  • Tokenomics
  • Whitepaper
  • Websites
  • Branding
  • Media and Communication
  • Investor presentations
  • Stefano Virgilli as Chief Strategy Officer